Social Media Services

Social media has swiftly become a range of powerful tools that business can use to engage and interact with their customer base with, making it a marketing tool that most business can ill afford to miss.

Kacmac Network SEO are experts at guiding you through the many social media websites that are out there, identifying which ones would suit your needs best. Our non invasive approach to social media means that you can interact and grow important connections with your customers, helping build your brand online.


With over 2.1 million registered users in Ireland (45% of the population) Facebook is a commands a dominant social media presence. Kacmac Network SEO offer a range of Facebook services ranging from page brand design to Facebook advertising.


Twitter is a place to interact directly with your customer base whether it is having an informal chit chat, offering support to your products/services or even promoting an excellent sale you have on. Kacmac Network SEO offer a range of Twitter services ranging from page brand design to Twitter account management.

Google Plus

Google Plus is Google’s answer to Facebook but on a different level. With Plus you can not only setup your business profile through your dedicated Google Plus page but also interact with your own network of colleagues and customers through tools as Google Hangout. Kacmac Network SEO can help you setup and manage your own Google Plus presence.


Video sites such as YouTube allow you to add an extra dimension to your online presence by hosting your own catalogue of videos. Videos offer a great way of demonstrating or explaining a product / service and engaging your audience on a different level. Kacmac Network SEO can help you setup your own YouTube channel as well as making sure that your videos are being found by your target audience.