Competitive Analysis

In the world of SEO based Internet marketing everyone has competitors and if you are like most business owners you are well aware of who they are and how their search engine optimization and Internet marketing efforts affect your own bottom line.

The competitive analysis that we offer takes into account all the players in your vertical, the keywords being targeting as well as the fastest way of gaining market share. Instead of trying to reinvent the Internet marketing wheel, we have found that the fastest way to gain market share in your space is with our competitive analysis services so that you may improve on what your competition is doing and avoid the marketing pitfalls that they may have run into.

Our competitive analysis services not only shed light on what your competitors are doing but will show errors in their Internet marketing that you can avoid. We will show you what search engine tactics are working for them and which ones are not and most importantly why. Using this information we can better design a SEO based Internet marketing campaign designed to give you Google page one results.

We realize that every website has unique needs and differing goals. This is why we look at each website individually and work to create a creative action plan for each website. With every managed Internet marketing package we include an initial and ongoing competitive analysis workup.