Google Online Advertising

Google Adwords is the market leader in online advertising, allowing companies to place customised adverts in front of millions of Google users every single day.

The Adwords advertising systems works on a Pay Per Click basis, meaning it costs you absolutely nothing to place your adverts in front of Google users, it only costs if the user clicks on your advert to come to your website. This is where Adwords represents great value for money.

Kacmac Network SEO handle tens of thousands of Sterling Pounds on a monthly basis on behalf of our clients.

New Campaigns

Give your online presence a kick start by advertising with Google Adwords. We can have a fully tailored campaign up and running for you within 36 hours, giving you an instant route to market overnight.

Optimising Existing Campaigns

Is your Adwords campaign not performing the way it used to? We offer FREE reviews of any existing Adwords campaign to see if we can help you get things back on their feet. Our Optimisation service looks to add extra value to your campaign, bringing you a better return on your investment.

Campaign Management

Keeping on top of an Adwords campaign can be very time consuming and without keeping up to date on all the new features and options Adwords offer could mean you are spending more money than you should be on your adverts. Kacmac Network SEO offer a monthly management service whereby your campaign will be reviewed and improved on a weekly basis to ensure that you are getting the most out of your campaign.