Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Facebook has become the most viewed website in the world, just recently knocking Google off the top spot and taking its crown. For this reason alone you should consider advertising on Facebook an important aspect of your online marketing plan.

If used properly in conjunction with your Facebook business page, it can be a fantastic way to make people aware of the services you offer or the products you sell. Once you can convince a Facebook user to become a Fan of your page you have a commercial feed to that customer usually for the life of their facebook account.

What Does Facebook Advertising Offer?

Is there a certain demographic that increases you chances of turning a sales pitch into a sale? If so Facebook advertising could very well be for you. The power Facebook has over almost every other online advertising package is that its adverts can be selectively displayed in front of a set demographic, regardless of what they are doing on the website.

For example, imagine the power of placing tantalising pictures of your range of new diamond wedding rings in front of hundreds of women who are engaged. This is a new frontier of online advertising and it pays to be leading from the front.

If you feel your products and services could respond well to this type of exposure, or you are looking to build up your Facebook Fan base then speak to one of our online advertising consultants or just fill in the contact form and we will be in touch shortly.