Link Building

Link building is an important but very often misunderstood part of search engine optimisation. Many link building companies generate links for clients based on “black hat” techniques, sourcing links from spammy websites, link farms and other black listed sources.

At Kacmac Network SEO we only work with “white hat” techniques when sourcing links to your website, making sure that only the highest quality, relevant links are found and used. This means that as a customer not only do you get links that are beneficial to your search engine ranking but you will also be likely to gain traffic from these sources.

Why do I need to Build Links?

It is important to remember that having quality links to your website is one of the key criteria search engines use to decide whether your website is well liked and respected. In order to acheive a 1st page search engine ranking and to solidify that position is to build quality links to your website and build up your online presence.

These links will not only serve as a reminder to Google and the other search engines that you are an important / interesting resource to others but it will also keep your brand awareness and traffic levels up.

How many links do I need to be #1?

There is no one single answer to this question. One website will not outrank another purely because it has more links; there a large number of factors to be considered and this is where most amateur SEO’s start to struggle. Kacmac Network SEO have highly trained SEO Professionals who will be able to give you guidance on where your website currently lies in the search engine rankings and what the next step is.